In the Air

Health Issues

Attention people with respiratory problems: Can cause coughing, irritation and even permanent lung damage


Temperature makes a difference: Lower the thermostat at night and turn it off when not at home. You will emit 440Kg less SO2 a year. That is 1.2 Kg a day!

Lower consumption: Save between 5-10% of energy for each degree Celsius that you lower the heat.

Sulfur dioxide / Carbon monoxide / Nitrogen dioxide / Particulate / Ozone

Sulfur Dioxide

General Information: Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a gaseous compound comprised of oxygen and sulfur that is generated from the combustion of substances like carbon and petrol. It is the main cause of acid rain and has a very characteristic smell that resembles rotten fruit. The acceptable concentration of SO2 in working areas is 2 ppm, exposure to levels of over 100 ppm can be fatal.

Emissions: 68% of sulfur dioxide is produced by boilers and domestic heating, 17% is produced by vehicular emissions.