In the Air

Analyzed Contaminants

For In the Air we┬┤ve chosen to track five of the key pollutants that most detrimentally effect health and quality of life. These contaminants are:

Pollen is also a significant pollutant. However, we could not obtain consistant Pollen data and did not include this contaminant in our study. Click on any of the links above for the Wikipedia entry for the pollutant in question.

Chemical Composition of the Atmosphere

Main Components: Nitrogen (78.1%), oxygen (20%) and water vapor (0.7%)

Seccondary Components: Noble gases and carbon dioxide (1%)

Contaminants: nitrogen monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine and carbon monixide

Universal Components: Water and atmospheric dust (smoke, salt, sand, ashes, polen, microorganisms)