In the Air

Health Issues

Afffects lungs, skin and eyes: NO2 inhalation affects lung cells and limited exposure at high concentrations can cause lung cancer and Irritate the eyes and skin. Exposure to conentrations above 40-100µg/m³ causes irreversible changes in the lung tissue.


Usability: Nitrogen oxides are used in the production of paints, laquers, and other chemical products such as roquet combustibles or explosives manufacture.

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Sulfur dioxide / Carbon monoxide / Nitrogen dioxide / Particulate / Ozone

Nitrogen Dioxide

General Information: Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a redish gas with an powerful, unpleasent smell. It is one of the strongest air pollutants. NO2 is created but he combination of oxygen and nitrogen at a high temperature. NO2 close to the surface of the earth contributes to global warming and at higher heights is believed to damage the ozone layer. When it is transformed in the air produces acid rain and combines with other elments to produce smog.

Emissions: NO2 gas is produced by the exhaust of motor vehicles, from the combustion of carbon, petrol, gas and during industrial proceses like arc welding and dynamite detonation. These gases are also produced commercial in reactions involving nitric acid and metals or cellulose.